Happy Hollow Playground

Playing Today…For a Better Tomorrow

That silly grin stretching across your child’s face says it all: play is good. It’s good for their body, good for their mind and good their soul.

Why Playgrounds?

While we always knew this to be true, research keeps unearthing the many reasons why playgrounds are essential to every community: playgrounds present children with physical, cognitive and social opportunities necessary for their developmental stages. Play stretches our children’s potential by building their muscles and fine-tuning their motor skills, by making them create, problem-solve and collaborate and by boosting their confidence and promoting new friendships. All in the name of fun.

Because quality play at young ages lays the groundwork for healthier, happier individuals as well as stronger, safer communities, there’s no smarter investment you can make than in your local playgrounds. At the West Lafayette Parks and Recreation Foundation, we believe our land is on loan from our children. That’s why we see it as our responsibility to preserve and develop welcoming outdoor spaces for all residents—including future generations—to enjoy.

The Project

Currently, West Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department is seeking to replace the aging equipment at the Happy Hollow Playground, one of the most beloved playgrounds in our city. Located within Happy Hollow Park’s 81 acres of winding trails, wooded slopes and open green spaces, the playground is a crucial component of this family-favorite destination.

The new play structures—designed with creative input from Happy Hollow Elementary students—will offer Tippecanoe’s 25,000+ children heightened standards for safety and accessibility, not to mention an invitation to new adventures and the opportunity to grow.

The Costs

The new playground, construction, and surfacing are expected to cost approximately $400,000. The West Lafayette Redevelopment Commission has already committed $225,000 and we expect to receive grants and primary sponsorship to boost our total. Our goal is to raise the remaining $175,000 from individual donors and other corporate sponsors.

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